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Hi! My name is Leslie, but you can call me Lulu! I love Apollo Justice, the Ace Attorney games and Shaman King! I like many things and also pretty photography. Sometimes I make things with my hands and it feels great.

For my 32,000th post, a wall of text, for Hunt

This gonna be long, excuse repetitions ;; You know I’m like this

Okay, so, I must thank Shiki and Hoff for the idea of making a Shaman King RP group, because seriously, I’ve gotten closer to so many people, but mostly YOUUUU. dslfnwefewkn I don’t know how I got to this (To be honest, I thought you were kind of annoying at first oifnerfkerlfknerlk YEAH I SAID IT xDDDD god knows why I thought so, but I’m glad I’m not the kind of person who stigmatizes people) fklewfwe but I’m so and every day glad that we did become friends.

:3 I usually start with a list of people’s good points with these posts, but if I got to list them all I’d never finish dslkndslds. SERIOUSLY. I had never met someone so fascinating and full of cheers things and happy things. ALSO FULL OF KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM hurrrr!! Because you, sweet lady, are very very smart. MHM. You’ve showed me many times and it makes me squeal in delight, even if I’m not TOO intellectual myself xD

Also you’re all cheerful and caring and *sob* my heart gets warm when I talk to you, or just even looking at your nick on messenger makes me happy and makes me calm. I feel you very close to my heart and I hope this feeling never vanishes, because I don’t ever want to stop giving you love ;A; You’re a precious thing for my heart and just having someone I can tell things to makes me stop having fear of what may come or what may happen. 

;; Thank you very much for listening to me rant and talk about everything, I… didn’t have a person who did that for me, I really didn’t, or at least, one I wasn’t afraid to tell most things to. And I am just infinitely grateful you found me, or that I found you or that we found each other „.,.. whatever xD I will never ever thank you enough, even when you tell me that it’s no problem I still feel the need to talk to you

YOU WON’T BELIEVE THIS, I’m actually tearing up while I type this, this is how much I love you ok ok (actually this had happened just once in the world, and @_@ it was a long time ago)

*deep breath*


I totally didn’t have to calm down because of this.

You, my twin of twins, you’re a great person, and yes we are twins, which makes me wonder how can I be Jack’s cousin when it’s so very evident that we’re indeed twins. WELP thats how families works of course. 

Also I can’t wait to RP with you again, I hope I can make a good job, ;; I keep being scared that I may be not good enough of a Hao dslkndslkndslknds ;; I just hope I can be… and also that we can work together on the Mankin RP which makes us so happy in the life


I love you very much and I know you know that you can count with me always.

Love of loves,


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